Dave Ramsey Financial peace University at CPC

Imagine . . .

Imagine:  you have no credit card debt, no student loans, no car payment and NO MORTGAGE!!  Join us starting Saturday April 14, 10-Noon for Financial Peace University.  This series will take you places you only dreamed of.  What could you do with your income if you kept it all, imaging how much you could invest and give?  This series had helped millions of people just like you get out of debt and stay out of debt.  Dave Ramsey has a proven track record of over 25 years helping people JUST LIKE YOU.  This is for teens heading off to college, young adults just starting out, young married couples or those seeing the retirement years up ahead.  It is never to late or too early to be DEBT FREE.  Chris and I have been following Dave’s steps for a few months and we are looking forward to taking this journey with you.  This is an investment of time: 9 weeks.  An investment of your money:  $149.  An investment in your future:  Priceless.  Don’t worry if you need to miss a week, your kit includes online access to the lessons.  Think $149 is a bit pricy?  Check out the web site and see all the tools you receive.  Not sure if this can help you?  Trust me it can.  But, honestly it is not for everyone.  Dave is very radical and he will get you thinking about things in a whole new way.  So if you are happy being in debt, happy letting your income go to the bills then you’re not ready for FPU.  But if you know “There has to be a better way” then sign up, take the classes and enjoy the journey with us.  

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